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Coach K Disrespected Lil B Last Night

Posted on Jul 3, 2015 by

Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski held a #FanTownHall interview on WRAL last night, taking questions from Triangle sports fans on Twitter. Some questions were lighthearted, and others could spur heated debate between any North Carolinians.

One brave Twitter user, however, asked Coach K the most important question of his career. And while on the surface it seems that Krzyzewski handled it well, he botched a potentially life-altering question.

Yes, I sent the following tweet in, and Triangle Sports Talk God Joe Ovies read it on the air:

Coach K answered with the following statement:

“Yeah, I might. Whenever I listen, I can’t understand all the words. So I’ll ask Jeff Capel, or Nate James or John, so I might be listening. But I don’t know, man. I’m 68, too, I’m not supposed to remember all of these things.”

That answer seems innocent enough. Krzyzewski took it lightheartedly and even shared a Meek Mill story afterward. All is fine in the world.

Except it’s not.

Look at that quote. That’s Coach K calling Lil B just another rapper. You might not have noticed that at first, but that’s exactly what it is.

Lil B, aka the Based God, aka the OG #FriendOfTheDepot, is no ordinary rapper.

Lil B is a lyrical artist. He uses dope beats as a canvas and sharp rhymes as his oils to paint philosophical masterpieces. His wordplay displays the detail of a Da Vinci original. His delivery leaves listeners to ponder life’s greatest intricacies, just like a Michelangelo work would.

Lil B is also so much more than a rapper. He’s a modern-day Socrates. Just look at this:

Imagine every time you see a squirrel. Do you think of his fears? Do you think of the way that squirrel thinks, how it lives each second of its life differently than you do? Or do you just ignore the squirrel and go on about your life?

Lil B is that squirrel, and Coach K is you. Coach K is ignorant to the inner-workings of the Based God. He doesn’t recognize the beauty that emanates from every song, photo, or tweet published by Lil B.

He doesn’t respect the Based God.

Do you know who else didn’t respect the Based God?

Kevin Durant.

James Harden.

Even LeBron James.

These men are among the cream of basketball’s crop. These men seemed destined for greatness, each ready to win a championship ring. These men failed to give Lil B the respect and admiration that he commands. These men crumbled at the hands of the Based God.

Mike Krzyzewski belongs on this list. He can recover from losing to Lehigh and Mercer. He can recover from every road loss resulting in a court storm. He can even recover from Mark Gottfried’s epic buttslap:

NOBODY recovers from the #BasedGodsCurse.

Lil B is our friend, and as members of his Task Force, we know our only duty:

Protect Lil B at all costs.

Even if that cost is the legacy of Mike Krzyzewski.

Vine courtesy of Jameson. Quote courtesy of WRAL. Original photo courtesy of News & Observer. Special thanks to Joe Ovies for asking my dumb question to Coach K.

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