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Coach K’s PSA on Winter Weather Safety

Posted on Feb 27, 2015 by

Recent winter weather in the Chapel Hill/Raleigh/Durham area dropped about a half a foot of snow and snapped labored tree branches. This has caused an alarming number of blackouts and loss of power situations, which can be scary for anyone. Thankfully, our friends from up north tend to show up in these times of shitty weather to let us know how “we’re doing everything wrong” and offer solutions to our problems.

Duke’s Coach K decided to take some time out a few years back to show us the proper way to conserve body heat in a possible hypothermia situation. This position, affectionately known in my household as the “shrimp curl,”  can be used to maintain blood flow to vital organs and will mitigate the effects of a high white wine level/low shrimp count. Look no further than cats and dogs for this timeless pose in action.

I think this is what Nike really meant in the ad campaign “Be Like Mike.” Stay warm, folks!

Credit: canis majoris 76, The ACC

Elliott Rubin  —  Photographer, Photoshop Genius, Swiss Army Knife

Affiliations: WCHL, Chapelboro, RaleighCo

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