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UNC Fans Take to Twitter to Troll #dookfans

Posted on Feb 18, 2015 by

There’s no denying that the rivalry between the University of North Carolina and Duke is one of the greatest in sports, but very few realize just how full of animosity the relationship is. For the second year running, UNC fans took to Twitter to mock Duke students and fans using the tag #dookfans. Generally, the tweets range from poking fun at Duke students’ perceived snobbery to making fun of the university’s numerous bandwagon fans.

It took less than an hour for the hashtag to trend nationally and attract the attention of numerous sports media outlets.

Marvel and Glimmer would undoubtedly go to Duke.

Fun Fact: Janice, Ursula, and “Ugly Naked Guy” all famous Duke alums.

Mostly because the majority of Duke fans are from the Northeast and cheer for the Patriots.

I mean, probably actually true.

Also, they’re probably Team Right Shark.


We’re still awaiting a response from Duke Twitter. If there is such a thing.

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