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Evan Nolte and the Thin Red Line

Posted on Feb 12, 2015 by

Virginia’s sharpshooting Evan Nolte saw an opportunity to continue the unfortunate ACC tradition of “selling the foul” during their February 11th game vs. NC State. One might say Nolte’s acting job may have crossed the Thin Red Line, as he seemed to take a solid blow to the chest from a celebrating Caleb Martin but flapped around like a Phish fan out of water:

The ensuing flagrant foul called on NCSU widened UVA’s slim lead and rewarded a questionable act of “defense” with points and possession. North Carolina State couldn’t recover in time, and went on to lose 51-47 in a defensive battle.


I’m blaming this one on you, Shane Battier.

Credit: @PackPride, ACC Network, ESPN

Elliott Rubin  —  Photographer, Photoshop Genius, Swiss Army Knife

Affiliations: WCHL, Chapelboro, RaleighCo

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