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Georgia Tech Preview

Posted on Mar 3, 2015 by

The Tar Heels head down to Atlanta tonight to play the final away game of the season, the last test before Saturday’s fated matchup. The Heels will face a Georgia Tech team they saw not even two weeks ago in Chapel Hill.

Not much has changed since then for the Yellow Jackets. They are still a sub-500 team on the season (12-17) and they still have a dismal ACC record at 3-14. Tonight will be the final game of the season for the Tech before they get a week off to prepare for what will be a grueling ACC tournament.

In terms of numbers, this game is all one-sided. I could repeat the same statistics I talked about when previewing the last Georgia Tech matchup, but this game isn’t about the numbers.

For UNC, this game means much more than fans would expect. The Heels put on one of their most dominant performances against GT in the emotional return to the Dean Dome on Feb. 21st, pulling out a convincing 89-60 victory. They should be able to do so again tonight. But this game will set the tone for Saturday, the biggest game of the year, and then the ACC tournament going forward.

The Tar Heels are still fighting for the coveted 4th seed in the ACC tournament, which would give them a double bye. At this point, UNC controls it’s own fate. If the Heels can win out, and Louisville loses a game (which is highly likely seeing that they play Notre Dame and UVa to close out the season), chances are UNC will get the 4th seed. Aside from that, this game will set the tone for the Duke game. UNC needs to find its’ stride tonight in order to be in the best shape come Saturday.

There really isn’t much to preview about this seemingly insignificant game, except about how significant it actually is. If UNC goes into Hank McCamish Pavilion and overlooks this matchup, a fired-up Tech team playing on Senior Night could surprise the Heels. If that happens, the Duke game becomes all the more important (is it possible for that game not to be of upmost importance?). If the Heels win, it gives them the needed boost as the weekend approaches.

Final Verdict: UNC squashes the Yellow Jackets at home, 82-74.

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