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#InstaReactions: Harrison Barnes’ Real Trophy

Posted on Jun 29, 2015 by

So here’s the deal. For the second installment of #InstaReactions the plan was to use one of the pictures from Harrison Barnes’ instagram account that documented the aftermath of the Warriors’ NBA title. There are plenty of solid options, but something else caught my eye — this picture of a Chipotle Gift card.


Bucket list ✅ #ExtraGuac @chipotlemexicangrill A photo posted by Harrison Barnes (@hbarnes) on

  • First things first, this gift card comes in a WOODEN BOX. Right away you know this is not a gift card for us mere plebians.
  • “The Chipotle Celebrity Gift Card has entered your life” — an important reminder that even Black Falcons must pay homage to the benevolent higher powers of Chipotle
  • Harrison Barnes totally is gonna use that box to store several pencils. Not just any pencils though, personally branded, incredibly professional-looking pencils.
  • “Food with integrity” — the Carolina Way is still alive and well in the eyes of Chipotle. Take that PackPride.
  • The card entitles Barnes to one meal a day for a year. I feel like he probably gets a chicken burrito bowl most days but once every couple weeks he goes into Black Falcon mode and gets a quesarito with steak, beef, and chicken.
  • But alas, I’ve buried the lede. The card allows Barnes to host a catered Chipotle party for up to 100 people. Tar Heel Depot would like to officially submit its candidacy to be named benefactor of the Black Falcon Burrito Bash©.

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