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It’s Cold Out, But Louisville Writer’s HOT Takes Will Keep You Warm

Posted on Feb 19, 2015 by

Last night, North Carolina and Duke played yet another classic game, a 2-point thriller that saw multiple lead changes and a frantic finish at the buzzer. I feel like we’ve heard that before. It was just another installment in the greatest rivalry in sports.

A lot of people in the state of Kentucky seem to have a beef with the idea fact that North Carolina/Duke is the best rivalry in sports. One of those people is Louisville writer Rick Bozich.

Damn, Rick Bozich! More like Ric Flair, because he just put this rivalry in a figure-four leglock. Look at the emphasis on the MUTE button. The only way to make sure your take is CERTIFIED hot is to capitalize WORDS to drive home the point. What else you got for us, Rick?

Whoa! Rick comes out BLAZING with this take. I guess he has a point; he’s using factual information to point out that yes, North Carolina has in fact been on a down swing. BUT WAIT, Rick isn’t done yet.   

SHUT EM DOWN, RICK. 6 McDonald’s All-Americans, 7 losses. Inexcusable. Sure, one of those All-Americans has been out since mid-January, and another just came back from injury, and ANOTHER has been playing with plantar fasciitis for most of the season. But that’s NO excuse for the talent-to-loss ratio on this team. Maybe they haven’t practiced enough. Where could they possibly be instead of the gym?

THROW IT DOWN, RICK BOZICH, THROW IT DOWN. These Tar Heels have all been attending the university since 2012, you know, the year after the scandal ended. But hey, Bozich knows. He’s onto something here.

Anyway, hindsight being 20/20, Rick Bozich was spot-on with his hot-ass takes. North Carolina and Duke put on a complete snoozer, a blowout unworthy of the ESPN hype machine. Rick Bozich knows what’s up with this rivalry, y’all. We’ve all been had.

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