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John Henson continues his vendetta against the color red

Posted on Apr 20, 2015 by

John Henson’s is a known for his happy-go-lucky demeanor. More often than not a wide, innocent smile adorns his baby-faced visage. ┬áHenson doesn’t seem to hate many things…

…except the color red. As CJ Leslie’s therapist can attest, Henson delighted in emasculating those who chose to attire themselves in red. In case you need a quick reminder there’s this…

Since leaving Chapel Hill, Henson’s hatred of red seemed to die down. But in Monday night’s playoff game against Chicago, Henson’s red rage came roaring back with a fury.

Henson bowled over the red-garbed Aaron Brooks like a bull out of a Warner Brother cartoon, then stood over him in a totally un-John Henson moment. He proceeded to get into it with Joakim Noah (!!!) and eventually received a technical foul.

As the series moves back to Milwaukee, Chicago will likely be wearing even more red in their away unis. For the safety of everyone (including Henson) perhaps we can fit J-Hook with some color distorting contacts.

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