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Like Jigga and Jordan, Stilman White “comes back wearin’ the 4-5”

Posted on Jul 2, 2015 by

We’re excited about Stilman White returning from his Mormon mission to grace Chapel Hill with up to three years of quality guard play. White will be taking the jersey number of another UNC guard returning from hiatus (albeit, a much maligned, 30-for-30 worthy hiatus) and will bring two extra years of maturity, mental and physical growth.

Besides his quality social media game (follow @stilwatawhite for lulz) and hometown appeal – dude is a Hoggard High legend – Stilman White can ball, plain and simple. Carolina’s point guard pipeline is flowing.

While most Heels fans have some hole in a wall or patch of hair missing from the loss of Kendall Marshall in the 2012 NCAAt, I happened to be too busy laughing at CJ McCollum destroying Duke in Greensboro Coliseum to care. After the news about Marshall broke, pretty much any sane UNC fan wrote off the remainder of the season as a loss.

Carolina lovers and ABC’ers alike wanted the Heels to tap out. Some folks just didn’t want to see a depleted UNC squad get embarrased by Ohio University. However, Stilman White and company decided to play with house money instead of giving up.

I’ll take this straight out of the UNC media guide, because I can’t possibly say it in a more concise fashion:

(White) played 60 minutes without a turnover in the NCAA Tournament…had six first-half assists and helped the Tar Heels shoot 63.6 percent in the first half against KU…was the only Tar Heel not to commit a turnover against the Bobcats…committed a turnover every 39.2 minutes of action.

Stilman White can ball. Those were his first and second starts in his career, and he coughed the ball up as many times as I did during that stretch. He took a team that had no business reaching the Elite Eight to that exact level, and gave the excellent Kansas Jayhawks as much as a Roy Williams-coached team can give. Unfortunately, the talent gap and lack of healthy bodies kept UNC from pulling off the upset, and our boys had to start vacation early.

White will be 22 years old this season as a true sophomore. I’m turning 31 this year, and I can remember the canyon-sized gap in physical and mental health growth from 18-19yo to 22yo. Essentially, Stilman just came back as a senior, with three years of eligibility left. He’s a grown man in comparison to the 18-year-old backups he will face on UNC’s second squad. #menvsboys

Check out this new press photo next to his 2012 photo:

(put that 2011/2015 shot here)

Expect to see a calm, collected player on offense and a much-improved player on defense due to sheer size increase. Expect to see a player who doesn’t turn the ball over and can make his team better. Expect to see a true leader on and off the court.

And if White’s three-point jumper comes back to high school form? Expect to see #45 cutting down some serious nets next March.

Credit: UNC Athletics/Media Guide

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