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MUST-SEE: North Carolina Celebrates Win Over Virginia

Posted on Mar 14, 2015 by

Friday, North Carolina knocked off Virginia to advance to the finals of the 2015 ACC Tournament. It was a fun game, it was yet another “biggest win of the season” for the Tar Heels, and, as you’d assume, it did wonders for this team’s confidence.

Don’t believe me? Check out the video from UNC New Media:

I’ve watched this 20 times in a row already. Here are some highlights:

0:00-0:05 – I have no idea what Kennedy Meeks and Theo Pinson are saying, but I agree, fellas. I agree.


0:13 – Justin Jackson arrives and bounces higher than anyone in the room.

0:20 – Theo Pinson embraces Justin Jackson, remains the nicest Tar Heel of all time.

0:25 – Marcus Paige tries to sneak in, and at this point I’ve paused the video to let the initial spell of laughter pass over.


0:47 – Roy Williams is officially more hip than me because I have zero clue what he’s throwing up there.

Really, it’s just nice to see Roy Williams so damn happy. After a hellacious year, you can feel the sheer excitement come out of him. You can feel a genuine bond between Williams and his players, and you feel justified for every time you’ve caped up against the #FireRoy crowd. Props to UNC New Media for this video. I was already happy about the victory against Virginia, but now, this one feels even more special in the long run.

Video courtesy of UNC New Media/GoHeelsTV/GoHeels.

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