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What Was His Name? Georgia Tech Edition

Posted on Mar 2, 2015 by

Occasionally, we’ll take a look back at a player for an upcoming Tar Heel opponent that we might have forgotten over the years. Somebody that makes us ask, “what was his name?”

There are plenty of options from Georgia Tech that immediately come to find. Kenny Anderson, Jarrett Jack, Chris Bosh, Matt Harpring, Mark Price, Stephon Marbury, Travis Best, and, of course, Luke Schenscher.

However, most of our readership has likely watched those notable former-Yellow Jackets play in the NBA at some point. There is no need to cue up highlights of Chris Bosh hitting elbow jumpers or Stephon Marbury crossing up some poor walk-on point guard. No, instead we’ll stick with a tried-and-true staple of basketball flashbacks – the dunk.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Ishma’il Muhammad. One of the most ferocious two-handed dunkers I can remember, Muhammad was reason-enough to watch the 2004 Georgia Tech national-runner up squad. He wasn’t good at much more than throwing it down, but that was good enough for me.

Bryan Ives — Contributing Editor

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Bio: Bryan made the peculiar decision a few years back to leave the finance industry and pursue sports journalism with his blog, Thrown Away To Worthy. So far, so good as Bryan has worked and written for Inside Carolina, SportsBusiness Journal and currently for ESPNU / SEC Network (gasp!). A Charlotte native, Bryan is a proud Tar Heel alumnus with a brief stop at Northwestern.


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