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North Carolina Receives Notice of Allegations From NCAA

Posted on May 22, 2015 by


A mere 7 months after the Wainstein Report revealed the findings of its investigation into irregular classes at the University of North Carolina, and thus pretty much did the NCAA’s job, the NCAA finally served the school with a Notice of Allegations on Friday. It’s fairly predictable and hilarious timing not only because it’s the Friday before a holiday weekend but it’s als comical to see writers complain about the timing of the release. Working weekends and holiday’s is what we signed up for, right?

What does this all mean? Well, it’s pretty much an outline of the charges levied by the NCAA against UNC.

As of my typing this, the allegations against the school are unknown. The University will release the contents once it sends the notice through the proper legal channels. While we eagerly await the revelation of charges, let us play the hypothetical game.

If the Notice of Allegations indicates there were no impermissible benefits, sport-specific allegations or player eligibility issues, that would likely be a positive for Tar Heel supporters regarding potential sanctions as they relate to banners, vacating wins or other sport-specific penalties.

On the flip side, there is a good chance the NCAA will hit the school with the dreaded Lack of Institutional Control. Outside of sounding ominous, most folks really don’t know what that entails. It pretty much means the school did not have the proper channels in place to regulate whatever went wrong. Lack of Institutional Control is a fairly common charge and one that comes with no automatic or set punishment. It can range from fines and probation to postseason bans.

That leads us to the next step… more waiting! The receipt of the Notice of Allegations is akin to being read the charges against oneself. Now, the wait is on for the next step… punishment from the NCAA Committee on Infractions. Don’t expect a swift resolution, either. Syracuse received it’s Notice of Allegations in 2011 and did not receive penalties until 2015. Efficient organization, that NCAA.

I know this is impossible, but while waiting don’t bother trying to predict what punishments the NCAA will come down with. The organization operates without precedent while making up things as they go along. Sounds familiar doesn’t it, NFL?

That is a brief synopsis of the situation currently at hand regarding the NCAA investigation. I will have more once the contents of the Notice of Allegations are revealed. Somebody link this to Pack Pride so we can up the page views. Thanks.

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