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North Carolina’s New Football Uniforms Might Include Argyle

Posted on Apr 16, 2015 by

North Carolina has been hinting for the past week that it will unveil new football uniforms this coming Monday, and has released a few teaser videos on YouTube to generate excitement before the unveiling:

One thing is for sure, just based on the not-so-subtly placed player in the background of the “Carolina Blue” video: These uniforms are going to be blue, which already makes me a fan.

That last video, though, is intriguing. Is North Carolina football going to utilize argyle in the new uniforms? They’ve teased it in the past by painting the endzones in argyle, but it’s never been a feature on the jerseys.

One thing I do know is that whatever Nike comes up with will be an upgrade from the current uniforms. They were fun for the first year, but, at least for me, they ran out their welcome quickly. It’s just hard to associate black with North Carolina, and it felt very gimmicky.

That being said, a modern touch on the old uniforms (which is what it looked like in the background) would be a welcome addition. Especially if the team goes all Carolina Blue everything.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 1.04.28 PM

Photo screenshoted from video courtesy of GoHeels. Peep that player in the background.


Videos courtesy of GoHeels.

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