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THD Trivia – Duke at UNC

Posted on Mar 7, 2015 by

Think you know your Tar Heel trivia? Want some internet points and some free notoriety? Let”s play THD Trivia!

THD Trivia rules:


-We”ll do #THDTrivia every Wednesday and every gameday.

-First person to enter correct responses to ALL questions will win that day”s trivia and whatever cash, prizes and booty.

-Prize this week is a $10 Carolina Brewery gift card.

-Tweet or email responses to me, Elliott Rubin, @it_is_elliott or Or, use the Google Form below.

-We”ll post the winner”s answers here and of course on the Tweet machine.

Oh, and feel free to send your own question topics and ideas!

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The Trivia – Duke at UNC


1. What was the halftime score of the ‘78-’79 UNC-Duke game AT Cameron Indoor Stadium?

2. Two players from the 2009 National Champion Tar Heels were drafted to the NBA AND had flawless records at Duke for four consecutive years. What is the product of their UNC jersey numbers? (Hint: “Product” means multiplication!)

3. Michael Jordan is seventh all-time amongst NBA players from UNC in assists per game with 5.3 apg. The leader in career apg amongst these NBA Tar Heels is also the only coach in history with an NBA title AND an NCAA title. In what round and pick of the NBA Draft was this famous Tar Heel selected?


Credit: VKO Enterprises, Carolina Athletics,

Elliott Rubin  —  Photographer, Photoshop Genius

Affiliations:  THD, RaleighCo

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