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The Ultra-Durable Falcon?

Posted on Apr 26, 2015 by


Harrison Barnes, a @THD favorite, has been a really solid NBA player this year. Like, perfect attendance solid!

From @NBA and @UNCCAA on Twitter-

Hell yeah, Harry Barnes! After being drafted 7th by the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Draft, Harrison Barnes has slowly become the most reliable NBA professional out of North Carolina in years. With Barnes available casino online every single game this season, he has been a quality, reliable piece of the best team in the league.

It may turn out that #40 ends up playing as long as the venerable Vince Carter, and if so, he will do so from durability more than potential high-scoring capabilities. He”s following more of a Sam Perkins arc than a Jordan-esque quick ascension; Jordan at this point in his career was already MJ, Barnes is still waiting to explode. We”ll be ready when the Black Falcon officially begins soaring.

Until then, Tar Heel fans and Warriors alike can enjoy the flight of the “Ultra-Durable Falcon.”

Credit:@UNCcaa, @NBA, photos by Matthew Addie/Rose White/Daniel Hughes

Elliott Rubin  —  Photographer, Photoshop Genius, Swiss Army Knife

Affiliations: WCHL, Chapelboro, RaleighCo

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