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What in TARnation? Podcast – NOA Edition

Posted on Jun 7, 2015 by

In the first episode of the What in TARnation? podcast, host Elliott Rubin (@it_is_elliott) is joined by Bryan Ives (@awaytoworthy), Brett Thompson (@brettlive) and Louis Fernandez (@LouFernandezJr) to talk Notice of Allegations and shoot the bull about the NBA Finals and Tar Heels in the NBA.


Bryan breaks down Brendan Haywood‘s peach of a contract, Brett talks Black Falcon and Lou lets us know about the Tar Heel domination in the world of women’s soccer. Elliott talks about Professor James Michael McAdoo‘s flawless decision to leave UNC and tries not to say “um” five hundred times.

Link: What in TARnation? NOA Edition

Special thanks to Marcus Lorelli aka Radaghast for the beat; check out his Chapel Hill-inspired tunes at

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