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What Was His Name? Virginia Edition

Posted on Mar 13, 2015 by

Another day, another “What Was His Name.” Let’s keep this thing rolling. This time around, the spotlight slides to the Virginia Cavaliers. While there are many similarities between the University of North Carolina and the University of Virginia, the basketball programs are not one of those. Sure, there is Ralph Sampson but other than him there really isn’t a long list of notable ex-Wahoo hoopsters. That just makes for an even better “What Was His Name.”

I intended to go back to the days of Curtis Staples and Donald Hand in the mid-to-late 1990s. However, I realized who likely reads these posts and many of you weren’t more than 10 or so years old when Staples and Hand donned the navy and orange of UVa. Therefore, I’ll flash forward to the 2000s version of those two. Much like Staples and Hand, this guy could shoot the lights out. When engaged, nobody in the ACC at the time could get buckets like this guy. However, most likely know Sean Singletary for time as a member of the Charlotte Bobcats.

Singletary played at Virginia from 2005-08 and is fifth on the schools all-time scoring list. Lord knows that isn’t likely to change soon either given the scoring prowess of the current crop of Cavaliers. One of his most memorable games occurred against Gonzaga, when  Singletary scored 35 and matched Adam Morrison shot-for-shot. His most memorable moment occurred in the video below.

Overall, Singletary’s numbers are pretty impressive. He averaged 17 points per game in his career, including nearly 20 per game in his junior and senior campaigns, on his way to being named to first-team All-ACC three times.

Singletary’s teams went 1-6 against North Carolina, so it might be fair to say that his greatest moments in the Tar Heel State came in a Bobcats uniform. Who can forget that night when he dropped 13 against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Nevermind his plus / minus of -30.  Those are just details. We were all witnesses.

Bryan Ives — Contributing Editor

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Bio: Bryan made the peculiar decision a few years back to leave the finance industry and pursue sports journalism with his blog, Thrown Away To Worthy. So far, so good as Bryan has worked and written for Inside Carolina, SportsBusiness Journal and currently for ESPNU / SEC Network (gasp!). A Charlotte native, Bryan is a proud Tar Heel alumnus with a brief stop at Northwestern.

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